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Stauf provides a wealth of information for use in this video format. Should you have any questions, contact Stauf Technical Services at 901.820.0007 or write us using our  contact form.

Installation of WFR-930 Solva-Mastic

View a short clip on the unique features of this one-of-a-kind, alcohol-based wood floor adhesive.


Installation of PUM-950 Power-Mastic

Find out what is different between Stauf’s Urethane-based wood floor adhesive and our competitors’ products.


Introduction of PUM-950 @ Surfaces

View the entire features and benefits of this isocyanate-free Urethane-based adhesive from its original presentation in Las Vegas.


Installation of SMP-960 One-Step

View key features and a demonstration of this polymer based wood floor adhesive.


Installation of CBR-970 Renovator

Watch a short video on the benefits of using this adhesive that is specially designed for installation of wood flooring over cutback mastic.


Installation of R701 Xtrem-Link

Learn about key features and watch a demonstration of this adhesive that is designed specifically for resilient and sports flooring installations.


Installation of D737 High-Tack

View features and benefits of Stauf's Universal Flooring Adhesive and watch it in action.


Installation of ERP-270 Perma-Seal

View features and benefits of Stauf's two component, epoxy reaction resin based sealer for professional flooring installation over damp sub floors. Moisture doesn't stand a chance.


Installation of ULC-500 Level-Seal

Watch a short clip on the features and benefits of Stauf's two component self leveling compound.


Perma-Flex System Application

View an instructional video on the application of Stauf's Perma-Flex System.


Perma-Flex Time Lapse Installation

Watch the process, from start to finish, of Stauf's Perma-Flex System as it is applied to an airplane hangar floor.


Board Replacement

View a short video of how to do a board replacement in an engineered floor.


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