Technical Information

Technical Information

Select any of these Technical Information articles to find out more about specific products, techniques, or installation methods. Questions? Call the Stauf Technical Services Manager at 901.820.0007. He’ll be happy to help you!

#1 Primers & Sealers - The difference between them and when to use each one

#2 Bamboo Floors - Facts about bamboo flooring and what you might expect should you select it

#3 Approved UnderLayments - A list of tested and approved sound and moisture underlayments for use with STAUF Adhesives

#4 LVT, VCT, PVC, Vinyl over Wet Sub Floors - Products available and steps you can take to install vinyl products over wet subfloors.

Picture: Installer spreading glue for installation of wood flooring.

#5 CBR-970 over Cutback Mastic - A new adhesive for use over cutback adhesives that greatly reduces the removal problems of cutback mastic.

#6 In Situ RH Test Standards - Find Stauf limits for moisture content using the newest method to test for moisture in lightweight concrete subfloors.

#7 Stained Concrete Installations - Here are the necessary steps for successfully gluing wood floors over stained concrete.

#8 Importance of Spread Rates - Get answers to what a “spread rate” is and why it’s important for properly holding a floor in place.
#9 Wood Floor Adhesives Choices - Learn about the four types of wood floor adhesives and the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can choose the right one for your job.
#10 Shear Strength - Understand what ‘Shear Strength’ means and why it is so important over the lifetime of your wood floor.
#11 Hollow Spots - Understand the causes of hollow spots in wood flooring and what you can do to repair them.
#12 Best Adhesive for Sound, Moisture Control - Learn why Polymer-based adhesives are proven to be superior to other types of wood floor adhesives in providing sound and moisture barriers.
#13 LEED and STAUF ADHESIVES - STAUF wood floor adhesives are eligible for LEED points when one wants to certify their floor or project as 'green' and environmentally safe.
#15 STAUF Adhesives over Lightweight Concrete - Learn the four simple steps required to successfully glue wood floors over light weight concrete subfloors using STAUF products.
#16 Concrete Slab Contaminants - Description of recommended core testing for slabs prior to application of STAUF products.
#18 Subfloor Examination  - Detailed description of proper subfloor examination and preparation for subsequent leveling and/or floor installation.
#19 Floor Prep System - Subfloor preparation, treatment of gaps/cracks/depressions, and self-leveling.
#20 HDF and MDF Core Flooring - Conditions under which HDF and MDF core products can be installed using STAUF WFR-930.
#22 Resinous Floor Coatings - Step by Step Instructions for indoor coatings.
#23 Colors for Resinous Floor Coatings - Available standard colors.

#24 Drying of Radiant Heated Slabs - Timetable for drying a heated concrete slab.

#25 Flakes and Texturing Compounds - Available standard flakes and texturing compounds for Resinous Floor Coatings.

#26 Outdoor Floor Coating - Step-by-step instructions for outdoor coatings.

#28 R741 and R701 Comparison Sheet - A side-by-side comparison of R741 Xtrem-Link Mono and R701 Xtrem-Link Duo.

#29 Chemical Resistance of Coatings - STAUF's coatings have been tested to be resistant to the chemicals indicated in this document.

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