Limited Warranties

Stauf USA, LLC, fully warrants all of our products. When applied correctly to the proper substrate, you are assured of permanent, trouble-free performance. Years or successful use and millions of square feet of flooring glued with Stauf products give us the confidence necessary to make this statement.
Stauf's warranty is complete. Stauf will replace your flooring, including the molding or trim, as well as pay for the labor to remove and replace that floor if a Stauf product is determined to be the cause of the failure. Please see the attached STAUF Adhesive Warranty for details. There is a separate document for resinous floorings, please see our STAUF Coatings Warranty. For moisture remidiation we offer a jobsite specific warranty for ERP-270 Perma-Seal.



Graphic: STAUF Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you have a complaint that you believe is caused by the failure of a Stauf product, you must: 
  1. Contact your retailer and/or installer to inspect and resolve the complaint, and/or ascertain the cause of the problem. 
  2. If the Stauf product is still alleged to be the cause for the complaint, your retailer must contact the local Stauf Distributor and request an inspection.
  3. If the Distributor Representative inspects the floor and suspects a Stauf product related problem (not an installation error, moisture problem, sub floor issue, etc.), he or she must complete a Stauf Complaint Form, take the required measurements, remove a sample of the problem floor, take photos, and send all items to the Stauf Director of Technical Services.
  4. Stauf reserves the right to inspect any and all complaints prior to issuing any statement or resolution and/or to have an independent inspection performed if we believe additional analysis is required.
  5. Stauf's warranty applies to the original homeowner or user only. It is not transferrable.
Please contact Stauf's Director of Technical Services with any questions.
Stauf's Warranty is limited to one repair or replacement of the damaged floor, and in all cases is the sole remedy and obligation offered. No other written warranties, expressed or implied, shall be considered. Incidental and/or consequential damages are excluded under this Warranty. This Warranty supercedes any other Warranties.

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