WFR-930 Solva-Mastic®

Alcohol Based Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Superior "Green Grab" unmatched by any other adhesive
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Eliminates hollow spots under timber flooring
  • Easily spread and cleaned
  • U.S. Patent 7,179,088 B2

PUM-950 Power-Mastic®

Urethane Based Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Moisture Cured Urethane Adhesive
  • contains no isocyanates to etch finishes or harm installers
  • moisture barrier up to 10# or 88% RH
  • Has higher shear strength than competitors

SMP-960 One-Step®

Polymer Based Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • reduces materials and steps from 4 to 1
  • provides sound reduction up to 45 dB per VIPAC test
  • moisture barrier up to 14# or 92% RH

PUM-955 Ultra-Nail®

Urethane based Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Sausage pack to be used with sausage tool
  • works like nails in a tube

CBR-970 Renovator

For installation of Timber flooring over cutback mastic
  • no need to scrape or sand off old glue bonds permanently; won't dissolve cutback mastic no solvents / VOC / plasticizers / water / hazardous ingredients

TGL-810 Tongue/Groove Glue

PVA Dispersion based Floating Timber Floor glue
  • cold water resistant suitable for radiant heat systems

PUK-455 Wide Plank Adhesive

Urethane Adhesive for Wide Solid Planks
  • very high shear strength
  • no water or solvents
  • fast setting

PIC-850 Contractor's Urethane Adhesive

Moisture cured Urethane Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Easy to Spread
  • No Flash Time
  • Long Open Time
  • Fast setting

M400 Endura-Tec

Quick Setting Repair & Mounting Adhesive
  • Timber Flooring Repairs
  • Repairs of Synthetic Turf Seams
  • Molding Installation
  • Cove Base Installation
  • Stair Tread Installation

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